[welcome to ytcracker labs][11.23.99]

mic check. one, two. mic check.

this is ytcracker broadcasting straight out of seven one nine.

first off, i'd like to give a shout to all of the individuals and groups out there making this hobby worthwhile. infinite kudos and respect.

second on the agenda, i would like to request the governments of the world to tighten their security. in a world where we are clearly using computers as a crutch, we must do our best to protect ourselves from cyber attack. there are *way* too many individuals out there with malicious intent.

third, promote peace. even though world peace is a farce - a pipe dream, the best we can do is achieve understanding for one another. the murdering of innocent women and children in chechnya is severely inexcusable. chechnya had offered to reach a peaceful agreement, yet russia pushed on to violent means. essentially, human beings - if they cannot love each other - must respect each other.

shouts: seven one nine[ill pulse tap ks], dap, secto0r, fuqrag, sistom and the rest of the #sesame krew, deezul, shamrock, parse, attrition, and www.hack.co.za.



securing the country 1999.
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keep visible - keep ethical.