[welcome to ytcracker labs][11.23.99]


nasa goddard space flight center.

ytcracker is back in space once again.

to the us government and military - i have warned you about these security flaws. please secure our military systems to protect us from cyber attack. if the most powerful country in the world is not prepared to defend against its own citizens, how can we trust other countries to show the same grace?

this hack is not malicious. i did not poke my nose into any data other than data essential to this defacement. the logs will reflect the same. i want the same thing you do.

shouts: seven one nine[ill pulse tap ks], ieet, dap, secto0r, fuqrag, sistom, sys_v, and the rest of the #sesame krew, deezul, shamrock, parse, attrition, and www.hack.co.za.


securing the country 1999.
www.wiretrip.net/rfp - it is not your fault.
keep visible - keep ethical.
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