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"U.S. privacy groups on Thursday filed a lawsuit to block new federal wiretapping rules which would require tracking of cell phone users and monitoring of the internet. The law would require telephone companies to build wiretapping capability into all high speed data lines, and require cellular networks to track the physical location of all their customers. "

i guess the government is gonna try and tell us some crap like this is in our best interest.. sure, tap my lines, and invade my privacy.. little by little they keep on trying to take our rights away in the least direct ways. No matter what, there are some things they cannot take away from us, and that is the knowledge we have acquired.. don't stop hacking.. show them we don't give a shit.. the media can make up all the crap they want about us to turn the public against us, but what the un-informed public does not know is that without the assistance of hackers, many of their systems would not be secure today. It isn't going to stop here, and it never will stop. We wont stop, until you understand what we are, what we do, and why we do it.


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