Big hackin', smashin, makin my ends
Smokin big killa gettin high in the Benz Big
Hackin', smashin, makin my ends
Smokin big killa gettin high in the Benz
In the wind smoke goes as I crawl down on Vogues
Twenty Lorenzo, smoke all up in my nose
Yo' eyes, get froze, as you see my low
Candy-red, two-door, let my top down slow
Hittin, my remote, sittin, in my shit
Presidential V-12 with that AMG kit
It don't quit, as I get high from K.C. to H-Town, connectin SouthSide
Now we worldwide, watch me highside
Uneek Tech blowin killa, can't be denied
187 thugs, oh yeah we got love
Blowin sticky green we flow through and above

Hey, don't blame me. Blame this lady.
Samantha Santa Maria
The Straits Times
DID: (65) 730 5158

She seems to like to cut small quotes from letters and interviews, and then only print the small part she wants you to hear and/or read giving the public a wrongfull impression of what was actually said in that particular letter and/or interview. If this woman sends you an e-mail asking about anything at all, do not reply, or we will have carolyn meinel and J.P. hack you.

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Shouts to: HFX, HiP, LevelSeven, gH, Flem, Fuby, Blow Team, ULG, anyone NOT hacking with and Uneek Technologies 2 newest members c4ndyman and electr0n, make carolyn meinel proud, lets earn that christmas bonus. lol

The following using, one line of crap defacing, "Hax0rZ" can suck our nutz: flipz, fuqrag, dukj, hV2K, VeRb0, xhostile, MetalTung,, adoni, aL3x, #ch4x EFnet, #coderz EFnet, acid k|own,, section8, twd, Beyond, JxLxMx(just don't like this guy) and anyone we may have forgotten, send an e-mail to be added, hehe

Special Shout to Carolyn Meinel for the money, and once again, we are supposed to tell you all to buy her upcoming book UBERHACKER! Yeah i know advertising is lame, but she pays us well, and she says if we do good enough work she will give us access to her secret underground hacker training facility. shh...don't tell the F.B.I.

~Uneek Technologies '99~