alloh , i am 3l33t n1gg0r w1f a huge cock.

I like fucking Ugly chix, included ann g30rge

I sniffed to "infiltrate" in this ELITE network .

When hell freezes, im gonna light my joint, and ill read Windows For

Dummies version 2. i Heard 10000 ppl bought it, i feel special, im not

only one dumb out theyre.., I Coded a code that encodes codes

in this coded i coded so my bitches can swallow.

My mom had to blow 20 technicians, to pay up, cuz they installed


Linux comes from "lying oax"., i got it from stone cold st3v3 austin.

Btw, I AM A consultant, i help ppl figuring out how to install

solatary and minesw33p3r. i also admin windows95 Box . on a high speed

14baud rat3. 14baud rate is also sthe same speed as my heart beats.