I bring my own style back to the bone! Sorry about the lame defacings last times. I make it up! I got now more time to do some hard breaking stuff. I choice a cool site.

Test.it yeah you must. Admin I secure your server and no criminal thinkable things happend.

Some things going on in the Netherlands. There is a rush of media hack. A organisation (ConsumentBond) made a mark for webshops to provide secure transfers. They failed! Phreak.nl and HIT2000 prove it. But now the media made a big rush of it the Police (Justice) is seeking or taking out some hackers. Why? Because they broke the law! That is not the reason why they did. They prove the insecure server and now they pay for it? Yes they have, because the police do not know what a real hacker is. Sorry, but hire or learn to understand a (good) hacker. Why he prove something for his country. The police, Maartens (a policeman) says: "The hackers/crackers are the same like autocrackers!" I think he never get it! He is about 40 years old and got the knowledge of 15 years ago without the Internet. Please update not only the software, but also the people they work with it!

More about this can be found at:
http://www.planet.nl (dutch)
http://www.webwereld.nl (dutch)
http://security.pine.nl (dutch)

Thanks for reading this stuff. It is just like America, but they learned. Europe must learn and understand it. Now they are searching for a victim to warn all the hackers in the Europe. But remember Dutch Goverment and Police! It is just like catch a fly and kill it and get more flies back!

Fuby will greets and respect: HIT2000 and Phreak.nl (you prove it and rulez).

Fuby want to warn: Dutch Goverment, EU and Dutch Police Authorities (change your style).

Other respects and shoutz to: PHC, HV2K, HiP, JxLxMx (also FP user!), Verb0, MetalTung, S0ften, M1ch3l, Scarab, MySelf, GumKop, tERRioN, L0ch3m and EVERYONE else!

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