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The Mission

The Mission of the County Road Administration Board is to preserve and enhance the transportation infrastructure of Washington Counties by providing standards of good practice, fair administration of funding programs, visionary leadership, and integrated progressive and professional technical services.

There is no state agency in the United States comparable to the County Road Administration Board. A continuing focus for both the board and its staff is the integration of the engineering, transportation planning, and information services that we provide to counties. CRAB is committed to providing outstanding professional support to county transportation departments at a minimum administrative cost.
The Engineering Services Division provides counties with a broad-based array of technical, financial and administrative services as they face the challenges of the 90's. These services include the administration of the Rural Arterial and County Preservation grant programs for road rehabilitation and reconstruction.

Over the past ten years CRAB has built a technology partnership with the Washington counties that gives transportation professionals increased confidence in their abilities to use technology wisely. CRAB's commitment to this partnership involves providing design systems, developing infrastructure management systems, enabling and enhancing county interaction, evaluating emerging technology, and providing the support, training and consultation that counties rely upon each day.

The first half of this decade has been dedicated to planning, complying with the mandates of the Washington State Growth Management Act (GMA) and adjusting to the new rules for federal transportation funding under ISTEA. The next five years are likely to be devoted to the implementation and refinement of the adopted strategies. CRAB's Transportation Planning Services is active in assisting counties meet their challenges through direct technical support, research on current issues with framework plans, workshops and discussion papers.