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What IS the Point? - Monday, July 19, 1999
CRAB has revamped and recreated the DesignSystems EaglePoint Newsletter, formerly known as the "Ezine", to a newly formatted and hopefully equally as useful, cybernewsletter, called "On Point". This occasional newsletter will try to address issues and answer questions regarding Eagle Points latest and greatest releases of their Civil Series software, provide a forum for discussion of technical issues with the latest versions, report on uncovered problems and solutions, and generally provide the Washington Counties user community with an informed (though not always reformed) opinion about the bits and bytes of the CAD and Civil Engineering industry.

WSDOT Engineering Publications - Wednesday, July 14, 1999
The Engineering Publications Office functions include, researching, reviewing, and distributing, Washington State Department of Transportation technical manuals and publications. Most of the department's primary technical manuals, used by transportation engineers and technicians, are available from this website.

Collision diagrams using Impact - Wednesday, April 14, 1999
Impact is our CAD-based collision diagramming program for CRIS. The new Impact 1.2 release provides support for diagrams describing areas between intersections, a feature we call midblock. Other enhancements include collision severity symbology, and better text/symbol control. Download Impact 1.2 today (Impact requires CRIS, and either Autocad R13, R14, or Intellicad 98).

Superpave For Local Agencies - Tuesday, March 30, 1999
Here is your opportunity to learn more about Superior Performing Asphalt Pavements - Superpave. The Northwest Technology Transfer Center is conducting a one-day class 6 times during April and May. Check the T2 Center website for details.

Freight Mobility - Tuesday, February 02, 1999
The Freight Mobility Strategic Investment Board is a relatively new organization you may want to know about. You can go to the meetings, or you can haul yourself over to their snazzy new website:!

Really Cool Website! - Wednesday, September 16, 1998
This is arguably the most popular government website in Thurston County - possibly the most popular Thurston County website period! The Thurston GeoData Center is serving up maps in style. This is particularly cool if you live in Thurston County and for the rest of you it is a great model for the future of data sharing in local government.

The Passing Lane Online - Wednesday, April 29, 1998
The Passing Lane has a new online sibling! Click here and transport yourself to a new dimension in information distribution. It's cool, it's exciting, it's got Mobility!

Can We Talk? - Tuesday, February 10, 1998
Have you visited the new CRAB Technology newsgroup? You really should drop by and post something on our electronic bulletin board. You might be surprised with what you learn.

Municipal Research & Services Center - Friday, June 06, 1997
The Municipal Research & Services Center (MRSC) is about to start providing more services to Washington counties. They already are our only known source of WACs online. Read more about it...

Site Map - Monday, March 24, 1997
Have you pressed our HELP button lately? It is all up-to-date and includes a Site Map!

County Engineers - Wednesday, February 26, 1997
With a little bit of luck (and little margins) you may be able to create a nice printout of this up-to-date phone list. This and other valuable information is always available on our COUNTIES page.

County Logos - Wednesday, February 12, 1997
He's still with us, but that will not stop us, maybe even gives us more reason to, memorialize Reid.

Resources for Counties - Saturday, February 01, 1997
If you are looking for comprehensive access to useful information on this site, look no further than the Resources page.

Where is CRAB? - Saturday, January 25, 1997
Well, it is just a little north of this star.

Email Directory - Monday, January 20, 1997
Are you looking for someone's Email address? If they work for a county in Washington State, here is the place to start. Check to see if your address in our directory.

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