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What IS the Point?
CRAB has revamped and recreated the DesignSystems EaglePoint Newsletter, formerly known as the "Ezine", to a newly formatted and hopefully equally as useful, cybernewsletter, called "On Point". This occasional newsletter will try to address issues and answer questions regarding Eagle Points latest and greatest releases of their Civil Series software, provide a forum for discussion of technical issues with the latest versions, report on uncovered problems and solutions, and generally provide the Washington Counties user community with an informed (though not always reformed) opinion about the bits and bytes of the CAD and Civil Engineering industry.

WSDOT Engineering Publications
The Engineering Publications Office functions include, researching, reviewing, and distributing, Washington State Department of Transportation technical manuals and publications. Most of the department's primary technical manuals, used by transportation engineers and technicians, are available from this website.

Freight Mobility
The Freight Mobility Strategic Investment Board is a relatively new organization you may want to know about. You can go to the meetings, or you can haul yourself over to their snazzy new website: www.fmsib.wa.gov!

Legislative Action
As 1999 starts top pick up steam your ever-active friends at CRAB have started tracking legislation. This has become one of our most popular web-based services. Stop by and see what the buzz is all about.

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