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crabcountiesresourcessearchdialoghelpIssue 4, October, 1999
Edited by: Daniel Dickson

Well, here we are, back with another "Pointed" journey into what's new, what's up and who cares...

What's Inside :

Note that there are currently multiple versions of RoadCalc available.
The most recent version is listed first:

Current Version: 99 Q2/G

CAD Systems: : AutoCAD R13, R14 & 2000, AutoCAD Map 2, 3 & 2000, MicroStation 95, SE & J, IntelliCAD 98 & Stand Alone

Last Updated Version: 14.0-B
CAD Systems:
AutoCAD R14

Last Updated Version: 13.2-C
CAD Systems:
AutoCAD R13c4a

Last Updated Version: 5.5-F
CAD Systems:
MicroStation 5.0\95

Last Updated Version: 6.0
CAD Systems:
Stand Alone

3D RoadCalc Screen View

Surface Model...Pointed in the right direction!

Latest Eagle Point Patches

The Eagle Point 99 Q2"G" patch is now available for those of you who HAVE updated to the EP99Q2 release with the "F" patch.  In keeping with Eagle Point's commitment to provide continuous quality improvement, the "G" patch was released on 10/8/99 and it includes some pretty spiffy new enhancements and addresses some problems that were encountered by the initial users of the EP99Q1 release (for a list of fixes in the new "F" patch, check out the "G" patch readme file ). Make sure to note WHICH versions of EP99 need the "G" update. You  can only install the "G" IF you have updated your 99Q2 to the "F" patch.

For the latest Software Patches from Eagle Point, go to their: Patches    web site.   If you are experiencing a slow download, you can try the CRAB server location for patches at:  EGPT99FtoG, to see if you can get quicker access.

Moving Right Along...

I have been very satisfied with the movement of the Washington Counties to the latest version of Eagle Point. This is having a tremendous impact on CRAB's ability to provide continous quality in our service to the Counties. If you haven't yet updated to the EP-Q299 release, as well as the latest patch, I would strongly encourage you to do so. For a complete list of the distinctive changes between EP14 and EP99, please look at the Q2 enhancements .  As you implement Q2, keep tabs on your experiences and please feel free to share with the rest of us poor pointless followers.

As mentioned above, the EP99Q2 release ADDS funtionality above and beyond the EP99Q1/D release. Read the Q2 ehancements carefully to get the details on the changes and enhancements incorporated into the Q2 release.

Conference 1999

By now, many have you have made your reservations and registered for this year's Design Systems Conference. Thank you all for your continued support and interest in CRAB's effort to continue to bring you a rich and varied set of information concerning those things, you as engineers, designers, and surveyors are interested in seeing.

If you haven't yet registered, it is not too late to do so. Registration is a piece of cake...simply visit the 1999 Design Systems Conference web site, and sign up. If you would like to see what's planned for this year's conference, take a look at the online agenda. I think we have a very interesting conference for you...a little something for everyone. Come on down...!!!

If you have any questions, drop a line to me, Daniel Dickson, and I'll do my best to give you answers.

Employment Announcement...

As an added incentive to come to the 1999 Design Systems Conference, CRAB will hopefully be making the announcement as to who your NEW Design Systems Support person is going to be.  CRAB has successfully interviewed a prime candidate for this position, and are only waiting on the sometimes ponderous (and truly Pointless) state employment system to become fully engaged.  We hope that by the time the Conference is here, all the "t's" will have been crossed and all the "i's" will have been dotted.  So, to find out who is going to be managing the training, support and other tasks related to the Design Systems section(and putting this cyber rag out, will certainly be one of them), COME ON DOWN...!

Eagle Point Tech Tip

Technical Tip of the Day:  For those of you who have struggled trying to make the Slope Seeding Volumes work, doesn't. Oh, well. According to Eagle Point the fix will be in an upcoming patch to EP99. A Pointed thanks to Bruce Klug, Clark County.

And that's the Point...

Stay Pointed...  dd

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