Research Facilities in the Energy Systems Divisions


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Energy Systems Main Building click here for a VR tour of the building...

The Energy Systems Division is primarily located in Building 362, with satellite facilities in the surrounding 370, 372, and 376 highbays, and specialized laboratories in Building 200.  Building 362 contains both laboratories and offices, and is located on the mid-southeastern end of the ANL site. 


RDT&E Dilute Facility

The Center for Environmental Restoration Systems (CERS) at Argonne National Laboratory (ANL) has established a U.S. Army approved Research and Development, Testing, and Evaluation (RDT&E) laboratory for dilute chemical agents. The facility is designed and certified to accept and handle dilute concentrations of chemical agents including acetyl cholinesterase inhibitors, such as Sarin (GB), Soman (GD), and VX, and vesicants, such as Mustard (H and HD) and Lewisite (L).



Contaminated Milk Laboratory click here for a VR tour of the facility

The Milk Lab is equipped for evaluating magnetic separation techniques.   It has gamma ray spectroscopy instruments and shielded hoods.  It ... is under construction.


Soil Analysis Laboratory click here for a VR tour of the facility

The Soil Analysis Laboratory is used to chemically and physically analyze a variety of materials including soils, waters, sludges, plants, and geological materials.   The lab is equipped with a collection of instrumentation, including an atomic absorption spectrophotometer (flame, cold-vapor, and graphite furnace), colorimeters, a TCLP extractor (Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure), ovens, centrifuges, digestors, grinders, balances, etc.  Between 10,000 and 17,000 analyses are performed annually; results from these analyses support a wide variety of research projects within and outside of the Energy Systems Division.


Chemical Microsensor Laboratory click here for a VR tour of the facility

The Chemical Microsensor Laboratory has complete fabrication and testing facilities for production of ceramic metallic hybrid electronic devices.  It also supports microelectronics development and chemical sensor testing and characterization.   The lab is equipped with Macintosh and PC data acquisition equipment, and industrial screen printer, several high temperature furnaces, and specialized hood space.   The Chemical Microsensor Lab is adjacent to the division's Dilute Agent Facility which allows for effective interaction needed for developing chemical agent microsensors and detection techniques.


Spatial Analysis & Remote Sensing Laboratory click here for a VR tour of the facility

The Land Resources Analysis Laboratory staff uses a multidisciplinary approach to solve complex environmental and natural resource problems. Using state-of-the-art geographic information systems, remote sensing, visual simulation, data visualization techniques, global positioning systems (GPS), and environmental modeling, the staff conducts applied research on a wide range of physical, biological, and natural resource issues. These issues include such topics as land reclamation, natural resource and ecosystem management, site characterization, and long-term environmental management, monitoring, and mitigation strategies.

The LRAL also has an active web SpyCAM running, so you can check out what they are up to... LRAL_SpyCAM.


Advanced Engine Test Facility click here for a VR tour of the facility

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thumb_engine_control_room.jpg (10640 bytes) Control Room

thumb_engine_test_lab_1.jpg (6396 bytes) Station One

thumb_engine_test_lab_2.jpg (7120 bytes) Station Two

thumb_engine_test_lab_3.jpg (16554 bytes) Station Three

The Engine Test Facility etc etc etc...


Experimental Greenhouse click here for a VR tour of the facility

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thumb_greenhouse_north.jpg (7182 bytes)

North Facility

thumb_greenhouse_south.jpg (5615 bytes)

South Facility

The Experimental Greenhouse allows ES staff to control conditions required for evaluating land reclamation vegetation and bioremediation species.  The facility has several concurrent programs to qualitatively and quantitatively compare and contrast plant species performance in various modeled soils and conditions.




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