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Come visit HRDC Newfoundland & Labrador's On-Line Information Resource Centre (IRC)!  Follow this link OR click the  graphic above to visit the Information Resource Centre site.

InfoCentre Web site ...

The InfoCentre Web site, linking more than 300 of the most used Government of Canada Internet sites is now available to the public and to HRDC employees to assist our clients in finding key information. The InfoCentre site, which includes many HRDC sites, can be visited by following this link.

About our Department

Newfoundland & Labrador Region

Welcome to the Newfoundland & Labrador Region of Human Resources Development Canada. Our focus is on people - children and families, youth, seniors, the unemployed, individuals with disabilities, Aboriginal peoples, and Canadians in the workplace.

The fundamental guiding principle of HRDC is to provide high-quality service to its clients.

This site offers information on the programs and services we offer our clients, about our organization and the people who run it. It contains links to other HRDC sites in communities across Newfoundland, Canada, and to locations where you can find help if you are looking for work, such as the Electronic Labour Exchange, the Job Bank, Work Search and CanWorkNet.

HRDC is one of the largest federal departments with more than 20,000 employees nationally. The Department's programs and services are delivered through a network of Human Resource Centres of Canada, located in hundreds of communities across the country.

The Newfoundland and Labrador region of Human Resources Development Canada is divided into four districts. They are called the Avalon, Central, Western and Labrador districts.

For more information about Human Resources Development Canada please read A Guide to Human Resources Development Canada - Programs and Services.


How to Navigate This Site:

This site is designed to give you quality information: about the programs and services we provide, the communities we live in, and valuable sources of labour market information to help you successfully move in and around the world of work.

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The links that run down the left side of each page will help you locate our "information banks". You will notice that where possible and practical, the information provided is broken down by geographic area. This was done to help you quickly locate sites based on the range of your particular interests. You can view a full outline of the types of information contained in each section by looking at our Site Map.

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[FAQ & Help] Will let you search HRDC's site for the information you are seeking.
[Contact Us] Includes a listing of our local offices, along with contact numbers, e-mail addresses and website locations.
[Site Map] Contains a layout of all the features and and types of information available on our site. It is your "one-stop shop" for website information if you don't want to go through our pages one by one.
[Francais] Is for those seeking french-translated information and/or other options for the bilingual.

The maple leaf image [maple leaf] used throughout this site shows all products and services which have been developed and/or supported by HRCC/HRDC.


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