EZ/EC Web Site Credits

Web Development Team

The following people worked the many long days, nights and weekends it took to completely redesign, write the content and create this Web site in 26 days. Their creativity, dedication, determination, and vision--along with their ability to consume large amounts of Chinese food, pizza and soda--contributed to the depth of content of this site and provides the residents of the Empowerment Zone and Enterprise Communities with a great resource for economic and community development.

EZ/EC Site Design and Layout

Todd Landfried, U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, RECD
Hilary Loewenstein, U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, CSREES

Senior Editors

Todd Landfried
Tom Teresi, U.S. Dept. of Housing and Urban Development

Content Editors

Sherbanoo Aziz, EZ/EC Regulations, Success Stories
Mike Grisby, CEB Newsletter, Rural Community Maps
Brian Hairston, Federal Resource Guide
Mary Jordan, Calendar of Events, Sec. Glickman's statement
Hilary Loewenstein, Rural Community Executive Summaries
Michael McCray, EZ/EC regulations, Federal Resource Guide, Community Toolbox
J. Norman Reid, Community Toolbox, all help files


David Chen, Home page community graphic
Peter Kilpe, Kilpe & Associates, Home page buttons, backgrounds, and icons:
Julie Olsen, USDA Design Center, Art Direction
Todd Landfried, Page banners, clickable USA maps, icons and other miscellaneous graphics

Programming and Systems Support

Tim Hosfelt, New Technology Management, Incorporated
Vick Khera, Khera Communications, Inc.
Everett Dowd, USDA-Washington Service Center
Todd Landfried


Dan Jardine, GeoDemographics
Tom Teresi, Transparent maps
Todd Landfried, Transparent maps

Electronic Bookstore

OpenMarket LogoSpecial thanks to Gail Grant and the folks at Open Market, Inc. in Cambridge, Massachusetts for building the electronic bookstore and for creating the Open Market Secure WebServer and the Open Marketplace software which made this service to the EZ/EC communities and the American people possible.

Special Thanks

Intel LogoThis WWW site was unveiled to the public by Vice President Al Gore on Wednesday, July 26, 1995 at a special White House conference for the Empowerment Zone (EZ) communities. The event included a video conference between the White House, the Rio Grande Valley EZ in Texas and the Baltimore EZ in Baltimore, Maryland which was made possible through the generous support of the Intel Corporation and Innovative Research Technologies, Corp (IRTC). Intel contributed the Proshare video conferencing hardware and the assistance of Herb Marks. IRTC contributed the expertise of Herb Bricewell who setup the hardware at the White House and the Baltimore site. Without their able assistance the video conference would not have gone off any better than it did -- which was perfectly. Their efforts made it possible for the people in the two Enterprise Zones to attend the White House Conference and to demonstrate the power of the computer, video camera, and ISDN to bring even the most remote sites together to share their experiences with the Vice President and their colleagues.

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