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Kashmiris are NOT Terrorists

Cornered by the extensive reports of abuses of Human
Rights by the Indian security personnel, Indian
government changed tactics and countered the
international pressure by posing itself as an underdog
of the crisis. According to their new propaganda,
Kashmiris were a part of a mythical grandiose Islamic
terrorist movement directed at the rest of the world,
andIndia was one of its targets.
Many people would avoid the debate over terrorism by
simply stating that one man's terrorist is another
man's freedom fighter. However Kashmiris and their
supporters believe that the terrorizing of innocent
civilians to achieve a certain motive, whether justified
ornot, is unacceptable. This is evident from the behavior
of the Kashmiri freedom fighters and their supporters.
Analyzing the situation in Kashmir, it is soon realized
that there has not been a SINGLE act of terrorism by
the liberation movement directed against innocent
civilians, even as alleged by the Indian Government, in
the 50-year history of Kashmir's occupation. The
movement has strictly been localized with people
resisting the occupation forces in their own land.
There have been no attacks in the rest of Indian states
by the liberation movement, in order to force India off
Kashmir. It must be appreciated here that the
Kashmiri freedom fighters have had the chance but
have restrained themselves from indulging in terrorist
ventures in the rest of India in order to force them off
their land. In fact, the only acts of terrorism have been
those of the Indian Army, against innocent civilians,
which are well documented in the reports of Amnesty
International, Asia Watch and other international
HROs. What we see is the purest form of
state-terrorism, whereby a military power is seeking to
consolidate its hold on a foreign land through massive
suppression of the local population. Such acts of
brutality, as is obvious from the reports of  Human Rights
Commissions around the world, find no parallel in
modern history. The immense restraint shown by the
Kashmiris in their methods of fighting for freedom led the
Indian Government to desperation. Its main intelligence 
outfit RAW, executed a fake hijacking of an Indian Airliner
to Lahore in 1971, purportedly on behalf of the Kashmiris.
The aim was to give a terrorist dimension to a highly
defensive nature of Kashmiri national movement that at
that time was not even violent. It was quite
fortunate that soon the secret of RAW's involvement
was out. Incidentally, it was RAW which throughout
the Afghan War, masterminded the planning
and execution of the terrorist activities on
Pakistani soil. The purpose was to deter Pakistan from
its principled support of Afghan liberation movement
against India's ally, the ex-Soviet Union. The help
and finances given to RAW by the KGB, enabled India to
arrange hundreds of destructive bomb blasts in
Pakistani civilian centers throughout the Afghan War.
With the defeat of the Soviet Union such terrorist
activities by RAW did not finish in Pakistan. Such
activities continue to this day in order to, again, keep
Pakistan off balance. These terrorist activities of RAW
have been well reported in the international press,
especially during the Afghan War.

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