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India, a Threat to World Security

India's methods for achieving regional hegemony have not
been limited to supporting covert terrorist activities in
neighboring countries alone. Whenever it got the chance,
India unashamedly invaded independent countries in
total defiance to the international law. Kashmir is
not the only case. The Independent State of
Hyderabad, had a population of 14,000,000 and an area of
70,000 sq. miles. It was over-run in 1947 by the
Indian military in a "police-action" to "restore
law and order" there, just as it did in Kashmir. It was later
annexed in the midst of international protests. Then
came the States of Junagadh and Manavadar,
which had acceded to Pakistan and were formally a
part of Pakistan, when they were invaded and annexed
despite protests by Pakistan. The Portuguese colony of
Goa followed. The independent Kingdom of Sikkim on
Indo-Tibetan border suffered a similar fate. In 1971 
India organized a major insurgency in the then East
Pakistani province of East Bengal, cut off the air-link
between West and East Pakistan and then invaded to
"restore order". During this period it took full
advantage of its cold war military alliance with the
Communist Bloc, while Pakistan's Western allies
failed to come to its rescue. Even though its military
superiority was clearly established v.v. its
neighbors, India undertook a major re-armament program
with the help of Soviet military after its invasion of
East Pakistan. Citing imaginary security threats
from already intimidated neighbors, India has regularly
inducted weapons of mass destruction to its arsenal. In
1974, merely three years after the immoral, illegal yet
overt act of destabilization and consequent invasion of
East Pakistan, India exploded an atomic bomb right next to
the Pakistani border "for peaceful purposes". After
introducing atomic weapons in the region it went ahead
with the development of thermo-nuclear devices.
Despite claiming credentials to the contrary India has
consistently sabotaged efforts for a global nuclear
disarmament. Its latest action of vetoing the
Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty amply displays the
trigger-happy, power-hungry attitudes of those who rule
in New Delhi. It should be remembered here that India
has repeatedly turned down Pakistan's numerous efforts
(like jointly signing the Nuclear Non-proliferation
Treaty, or the CTBT, or a strictly regional peace
treaty) to bring peace to this region. In fact it
continues to be the only hurdle in the way of peace in
South Asia.
India has gone ahead with a massive program to develop
weapons of mass-destruction with missiles as large as ICBMs,
and other weapons of similar potential, when the rest of
the world is busy dismantling weapons of mass-destruction.
Now the most of Asian continent and Indian Ocean is directly
under the Indian nuclear umbrella. India has left no
stones unturned to acquire and manufacture such global
weapon systems as Nuclear Submarines and Aircraft
Carriers to further its nefarious aims. Countries as
far as Australia felt the heat when they were forced to
re-think their defense policies in face of a growing
and menacing Indian threat.
Such a massive weapons program of global consequences, with an
amply demonstrated desire for territory is reminiscent of
the times when Adolf Hitler embarked on a similarly
massive re-armament program en-route to a global
war. In fact it is ironic, how the dreaded Aryan
symbol, Swastika is as prominent in the Indian Flag
(albeit in a different form) as it was in the Nazi Flag. The
Nazi concept of Super-Man, and the racial superiority of
the so-called Aryans was imported directly from India,
where the non-Aryan portion of its population is (even
today) outcast as being untouchables and sub-humans.
Adolf Hitler may be dead, but the Nazism and fascism still
lives on in the so-called democracy of India.

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