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Pakistan - An ally to the United States and a Source of Stability in the region

Pakistan, by the very nature of its independence in 1947,
attaches great importance to freedom and equality. It is
not surprising that Pakistan and the West turned out to
be natural allies in their quest for a free world, from
the very beginning of cold war. The relationship
blossomed from the very start and Pakistan soon
became "the most allied of allies" with the free world.
The common perception of the world problems often led
the West and Pakistan to such common platforms as
CENTO and SEATO. Such an alliance promoted stability in
the region. In 1979, things were shaken when the Red
Russians rolled into Afghanistan. The historic
Afghan resistance and the Pak-American alliances once
again ensured that the cause of freedom and dignity
was upheld. The defeat of the Soviet Union eventually
led to its downfall and the opening of Pandora's box and
many other suppressed nations found their way to
freedom. Kashmiris seek inspiration from this defeat
and expulsion of a superpower from an alien land, when
they hope to expel the Indian occupation forces from
their own land.  
Pakistan had also furthered the cause of global peace by
promoting talks between U.S. and Iran to reduce
tensions, a fact reminiscent of the famous visit of Henry
Kissinger to China. That mediation by Pakistan led
the U.S. and China from being adversaries to
becoming healthy trading partners and did a lot to
further the cause of peace and stability in the world. In
the relatively unstable politics of the post-Soviet
era, Pakistan has continued to play its constructive role
in the world. In 1990, Pakistan was one of the
allies responsible for driving the Iraqis out of Kuwait.
Further contributions to world peace were made when Pakistan
sent one of the largest peace keeping missions to Somalia
and then to Bosnia-Herzegovina, and maintained them there in
face of an increasingly hostile atmosphere.  
With democracy firmly rooted and a pro-industry
Government in office, Pakistan stands poised to
enter the 21st century with all the confidence and drive
of a modern nation. Investment is booming and the coming
together of Central Asian Republics, Pakistan, Turkey and
Iran in the Economic Co-operation Organization as a powerful
trade block holds further promise of vast investment
Pakistan's principled moral and diplomatic support to
the Kashmiris is a result of its time-tested belief in
freedom, human rights and equality. Pakistan's efforts
to finding peaceful solutions to the Kashmir problem,
Nuclear non-proliferation and other regional problems have
continually been frustrated by India's refusal to
co-operate. India's Security Forces have terrorized a
freedom-loving people and made them hostages in their
own land. It is the responsibility of freedom-loving
elements of the world to uphold the dignity and value of
human life. The free world, like in the past must use its
influence to force India to honor the wishes of Kashmiri
people, stop abusing their human rights and honor the pledge
given to them and rest of the world regarding their right to

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