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October 28, 1999
Web posted at: 1:33 p.m. EDT (1733 GMT)

GROZNY, Russia -- Russia's defense
minister signaled Thursday that his
country's ultimate goal in Chechnya
may be to restore Russian sovereignty
in the rebel region, lost in the aftermath of the 1994-1996 war.

While warplanes buzzed Grozny, sending the few remaining, terrified citizens
scrambling for shelter, defense chief Igor Sergeyev made a surprise visit to
the front-line of fighting in Chechnya. He came, he said, to encourage and
congratulate Russian troops for their steady push toward the Chechen
capital Grozny.

Well ya know what Mr Sergeyev, Narcissus thinks that you should
take up a new hobby. Ya know, one that doesnt include killing many
innocent people. You can knit me a nice sweater perhaps.

Russia...your war history shows a nice trail of over-aggression
durring times of conflict. You seem to hail from the "Kill em all
and let God sort them out" Sort of a mind-state.

You lost Chechnya, so accept it. And go home. Yes...home, think of it.
All that nice Vodka. The big fat women with the furry hats. Awww Home.

Why did a English web site suffer this little inconvenience you ask?
Why did I not own a Russian one? Well, first off....

England is on my hit-list too. Leave Ireland alone. Yeah, I am a
evil Sinn Fein supporter.

And Russian servers make me ill. I always expect to encounter some
sort of freaky child pr0n or something. Ya know like the sites.

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I seriously apologize for the little problem here
but I needed a tool to get this out there.

Wrong? Yes. And I do apologize. But There is a plus
to this little ordeal for you. I took it upon myself
to secure your system. I fixed the hole I used to get
into your server, and I did not harm your files.

You will find that if you rename the file narc.htm to
index.htm that your site is all fixed. Yay0rz!

King Love!!!!