remodeling done by fuqrag!! shouts to fiberops and XXyLa i wantcha 2 sit on my lap!! ... alarys iz da sexiest bitch in da werld!! when i think bout eatin' pussy i think bout this little 16 year old chick named karen from atlanta, ga ... JP blowz goatz ... fuck kevin mitnick!! much love goez out to: hst, burrows, f0bic, flipz, vghk, mosthated, the !ADM crew, the w00w00 dudes, (especially evil pete), wtfwft, daedalus, the Dark Tangeant, pokesmot (my little pokie), oclet, frys, Say, substance, asshair, xs, all of the PHdN crew, and whomever i might of left out... this shit iz dedicated to: cristyn!!