shields gaZette



y3s read0rz the shields gaZette haz been 0wned


well read0rz the shields gaZette suckz they hav3 N0 talent and N0 idea but thats 0K cos i have decid3d t0 take 0ver az your new edit0r az the last 0ne woz a queer. We ar3 hackers, we r00l this place you call your internet, we built the internet, and we can gain access to any system connected to this network, it's all so easy to uz, we can br3ak g0vernment systems, we can break the US defense information systems network, its all just 1's and 0's, nothing special, the thing I find funny is the fact that companies want you t0 give them money across the internet, using your personal details and your credit card information, this is also information that hackers can easily access, so I would stongly advise anyone thinking about electronic c0mmerce over the internet to think again, because...

security iz futile, and you will be 0wned

sh0utz 0ut to

kestral, the cheif, peg, pixie-h, stress head & JC.. keep the f00tball up

0wned by


p.s. the syst3m administrat0r iz a t0tal cl00bag with 0 sk1llz...