SitAu the second in Netherlands!

"because there's no time" for computer security...

Let's Get HIGH in the sky

Fuby TEAM / Warpheus is on the roll to bring you insight into the evergrowing problem of Computer Security! The problem is real!!!

This message is to warn any webmaster running a server that they can't control, to be a little more aware of the CS world. It is not about War, it is not about Trashing, it is about prevention. No file on the server has been deleted/edited.

Fuby Teamts
Warpheus Teamuts

Ch33rz We deface another dutch lame site (second one)...
This is another lame site we found in the Benelux. This week we deface more important and high related site's in due of a stupid adim.

Also you see the defacement is made by Fuby Team and the layout is made by Warpheus Team. Graph by FT (as usual)!

Please read the message of PHC, it's very good. He is telling the truth. Maybe CNN and other news reporting sites will support him.

And at last greetz to: Fuby Team, PHC, S0ften,, HIT2000, FlyStrike, Diz-X, HiP-FreeJack, GumKop, tERRiOn, L0ch3m, D0D0, P0l3n... and all the people I forgot.

Supported sites: DutchThreat / Zataz / Attrition / Alldas / ProjectGamma (wanna join, mail me please!) Oh yeah it is started! ... New Item on FB: A-Team defacings... (The AutumnHack)

Special shouts: Zataz, TrueReal and to all the people suffering of ongoing wars and to the wrongly imprisoned. Freedom and Peace will happen.

Si ca ne suffit pas, on continuera. Une reverence aux frenchies.





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