- il livello sette possiede la vostra famiglia -

"we embrace technology, we learn from it, we use it, and we exploit it. technology is a very powerful tool, as is knowledge, but some people go beyond these boundries, testing limits, finding new ways and ideas... we call these people hackers, and we are one of many.."
- vent

The Level Seven Crew...
contact us: L7@mail.com

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ok, yet again.. dis be fucked.. Journyx Timesheet.. HEH. well, since the admin didn't fix his box the first time we got in, and just re-installed the stupid os, we elegantly broke in again. now we're going to keep this box, for our little dirty work.. heh.

btw, old index can be found

<-- End Hacker Message -->

some shit we need to discuss:

ok, level seven, would just like to make a point clear, that "hacking" FRONTPAGE boxen, is not really hacking, its more like, logging into a box without a username or password...you cant even say you "compromised" it..cause you didnt, because some stupid newbie, set up his little windows frontpage box, and didnt configure the htpasswd file.. so, listen, and dont "hack" frontpage boxes, and if you do...dont "re-hack" them, so theres like 5 different hacks on the same domain (e.g: www.alpinepeaks.com).. peace.

some stuff we wanted to add:

<vent> i was snorting riddalin, and got mad drunk
<Amaru-> u guys get wasted then come on irc?
<vent> heh.. yea..
<aforce> yup

Mad props go out to:
all of level seven, bugzy, motivez, kris, cult_hero, mcintyre, punkis, redfox, ditz, apex, orfeuz, huntles, blenny, attrition.org, N.Y.S (helping us wif shit, and supporting us), FL3M, v00d00 (being a good friend to L7), Stonehenge, bl0w (gibbin us respect, and us respecting them) ... and some of my dirty little hoes... ;c]