..h0h0h0, SLiPY 'ere, fr0m 'hV2k'ju5t l1k3 t0 s4y h1gh and; L0w3r th3 r4m pr1c3s f0r fuck s4k3s!! b4f0r3 3y3 k1ll my s3lf. And an0ther ting, ey3 d0n't g1ve a fuck 1f y0u d0n't l1ke th1s k-rad, not s0 3l33t defacement. The lil fa1ry mad3 m3 d0 it :( ;end eleet talk: and for fucking sakes, i beg you lower the ram prices, i'm poor and need all the money i can get for booze and dope. peace ;start greets: 3g0d3ath, tr3aty, ulg (you guys r0x3r) and everyone 3lse wh0 0wns. ;start copywrite: hV2k 0wns th1s s3rv3r and all 1t's c0nt3nts. EYE 0WN TH1S F4RM B0X!!!