;                     Owned.

Hi, it is we again, the nameless hackers. We remain nameless for one reason, how will the authorities know who they're looking for? ;)

Issues: Well, this page was rooted to give public anouncement for H2K, that's right Hope 2000.
If you remember H.O.P.E. this will be much better! What better to do then to meet fellow hackers from accross the nation and WORLD. Share, trade information. It will be great. I hope you'll be there! I will. My shirt will say ?Nameless?. Meet me :)

Greetz: Of course of course shoutouts to my friends and fellow workers (hacking that is) we have formed a new group called the neophytes and we are here to get yew FBI MAN!@# owned.
cen, oBLiV, pazad, neuronix, precurosr, krash, mosthated, kittypaw, emmanuel, bernies, billsf,
rtm, VallaH, microsoft.com-not, K.P., k2, F.B.I.-sup guys? long time no see, taylor, XXyla, XaiL, rhosts, surge, tool-the band rawks, DJ. John Kelley, Frankie Bones, New York City-You guys rule, R.I.P. Biggie Smalls, Naz, odb, Dizasta, m0n, Terrorbyt, Darkstarz, seven, Deamor,
XerX, all the teleconferences in the world!

"So you wanna be a hax0r, wit your hat to dah back talkin'  `bout your hacks and your cracks, but I can't feel that hax0r."