i no everyon wants to see wat i look like so here iz a recente picture of me at my last ateg meeting



hahaha. spyke le sentimentale guy, had fun fucking me?

it lookes like it is le retour of the fr0g

thank thanks fore everything. lol. if was not for u, i couldnt have goten laid by 16 year old girlees

that wil teach u never to fuck wit a french man because i am an elite frog


and yes c'est vrai that i log everyting, here is one of my log files i choozed at randum:

* Logging Chat with aolhaxor2 to 'aolhaxor2.log'

<aolhaxor2> hjumid farts where the vapor pressure is high
(_viking_) so that ure cheeks are covered in dew afterward
(_viking_) and u ca'nt tell if u messed your pantalons or if its just dew. ROFL
(_viking_) dood
(_viking_) i was sitting on dis radiator
(_viking_) talking to dis guy today during a cofee break
(_viking_) and like it was all warme and shit
(_viking_) so i am like 'cool cool, ill just chill here'
(_viking_) then like
(_viking_) i was there for like 15 minutes
(_viking_) then i get up to leave
(_viking_) and my ass is sweaty as a un tabarnak de mother fucker
(_viking_) tabarnak
(_viking_) i had the worst anal crack sweat ever
(_viking_) like
<aolhaxor2> assjuice?
(_viking_) i bet i had sweat marks
(_viking_) down the cheeks of my pants
(_viking_) ROFL
(_viking_) HOW DIRTY IS THAT
(_viking_) ROFL
<aolhaxor2> man, nothing like a nice refreshing glass of assjuice
<aolhaxor2> rofl
(_viking_) have you ever
(_viking_) scratched your ass
(_viking_) after sweating and smelled it?
(_viking_) it's de worst smell in the world
(_viking_) next to nutsac sweat
(_viking_) its funny how ass sweat and nut sac sweat smell so different when there only 6 inches apart
<aolhaxor> rofl
(_viking_) troo storie


Bye les amis