Looks like this admin forgot to read the rule book, if there is one? heh

Well, after the first time you would think the admin would fix the holes...
Not only that, it took 2 days to put the original site back up!

Maybe this time the admin will fix the problems and KILL all the services that are not needed & open to exploit!
And next time, don't use the backup index.html, we also altered that with a little message at the bottom of the page.

Werd, greetz to: frink., hybrid, bodie, savvy, substance, s1x, psyclone, polymorph, barby, vixen, lilo, elux,
#2600-uk, #darkcyde, #feed-the-goats and all the other people/channels/groups/whatever that we failed to include.

BIG greetz to ginger, for just being herself :-)

And just as a final note, please write in normal text, not the 31337 talk, it looks much more presentable.

Once again defaced by jasun & z0mba
(we swapped roles this time, I did the html) - jasun

Over And Out.