d1s s1t3 h4s b33n p3n3tr4t3d by z0mba and jasun - phj34r

n0w, w3 d0n't n0rma4lly r3s0rt to h4x0r1ng s1t3s but th3r3 1s a g00d r34s0n f0r d1s 0ne - th3r3 h4s b33n l0ts 0f v3nd3tt4 h4cks r3c3ntly, 4nd th3y suck, s0 st0p 1t y0h!!

greetz to:

jed, hybrid, bodie, D4RKCYDE, b4b0, 9x, barby, relapse, #2600-uk, ginger, shadow-x,
substance, force, knight, gr1p, devious, psyclone, james

Big sh0ut to: s1x