elite Phreakers says... oh shit, my security sucks major dick


_w1red says... ya fucking right it does

Shit! I was just 0wned!!


*with elite phreakers on their knees crying for mercy, _w1red has this to say...*

We all knew it was gonna happen, Everyday something new has to be owned, and today it was ElitePhreakers,These mother fuckers dont have security if it bit them on its ass. They need to get REAL hosting instead of this penny ass free shit. _w1red has 0wned your stupid asses, and you better believe it. I mean, every fucking day stupid fucks try to be like me, Well today Elite Phreakers.org was 0wned. Mother fuckers beware, its time to bow. I have found that both domains ElitePhreakers owned, HAS NO SECURITY!

GREETS : Myself, for being me. --Red_Dog-- for being a great friend. Ph33r for accepting me back into War Indurstries, #ph33r for always bein their and listening to my bullshit. Crystal - For Loving me, without her, I don't think I would've rooted this bitch. LadyKaren - Hey Sexy, you know exactly why you're on her.Nicole(LuvBunny, p0rng0ddess) - for giving me head everyday, She's like, one of the best. Distort - For letting me stay in #ph33r. k0ld - the nigger that he is, he still get greets. [-Amp-] - You crackwhore, I'm coming to Georgia And Beating You. and finally _vis_core - You've been my friend for along time, you we're like a brother to me, and We havent talked in awhile...so...


Now, This concludes my ownership.

(c)"JuSt 0wn it"