Connecting to Bank Of Uganda....
Connection established.
Welcome to Lame Security Systems
Please login.
User: hacker
pass: *******
user logged in.
Welcome to the Bank Of Uganda
Current founds are 5.647.047.456 USD....
root> transfer 5.647.047.450 USD to MY_SECRET_ACCOUNT
transfer succesfull
Current founds are 6,00 USD.
root> transfer 5 USD to BUG_MAFIA'S_SECRET_ACCOUNT
transfer succesfull
Current founds are 1,00 USD
Warning not enough memory
Economy crashed
root> get item:MONEY from
transfering MONEY from
transfer succesfull
Current founds are: ERROR: not enough memory to display founds.
root> quit
Logging out
System Logged out

<< some things I wanted to say >>

This site is lame... so is da security.
greetz to
: me (cause I'm so cool), Rapier (for being a good friend), r139 (for hacking so many pages) and others who want their nick on a haked page.


here's my new e-mail in case you want to mail me something: