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"hacking, and defacing is like a sport.. sorta, a hobby, an addiction if you will.. we are all addicted in one way or another."
- vent

The Level Seven Crew...

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grrr, this box pissed me off, we hack the name server for First American National Bank (FANB) .. and the www.fanb.com, is a seperate fucking box....GRR, no fucking credit cards that means kiddies.. hrmph.. fucking solaris boxen..

btw, old index can be found

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some stuff we wanted to add:

<vent> i was snorting riddalin, and got mad drunk
<Amaru-> u guys get wasted then come on irc?
<vent> heh.. yea..
<aforce> yup

Mad props go out to:
foil, vent, skillet, time, crak, deathroad, bass, bastard, fatal, phoenix, dave, trilogy, alero, bugzy, motivez, kris, mrbrown, rage, cult_hero, mcintyre, redfox, ditz, gimpy, apex, orfeuz, mosthated, timex, huntles, blenny, attrition, NYS, FL3M, v00d00, gH, Stonehenge... and some of my dirty little hoes... ;c]