evil crew

Hacked by the Evil Crew
h4r h4r h4r, h3h h3h h3h. th3 evil crew w0uld l1k3 t0 s4y th4t y0u h4ve b33n f4wk1ng r00t3d 4nd 3xpl01t3d. s0 f4wk1ng f34r m0th3r fuck3rs, c4us3 th1s sh1t a1nt th3 l4st 0f us. th1s w4s th3 f1rst b0x w3 d3f4c3d, but w3 h4v3 h4ck3d m0r3 n1gg3rs th4n th3 m3n j0r m0m h4s g0tt3n w1th. f34r wh4t y0u d0nt und3rst4nd 4nd m4k3 sur3 y0ur s3rv3r is p4tch3d up n1ce! 1..2..evil crew is coming for you..3..4..better lock the door..5..6..get the mother fucking crucifix. 0h y34, 4nd f0r 4ll y0u dumb fuck1ng k0r34ns, w0rk 0n y0ur s3cur1ty.

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evil crew
owned by the almighty f00dawg and process
s3n0r uZ m41l!!@#

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