Mazda Setup Page
Do you own a Mazda rotary ?  Are you sick of being told contradictary facts from so called experts ? Then look no further...
I hated when I first got into the rotaries , and no-one could give me any help with setting them up properly , so I have decided to help everyone else out with this Tips page. Click on the appropriate buttons below.

Ported12A Turbo13B TurboSeries 620B Turbo
PORTED -  Mild , Bridge , and Peripheral Ported 10A , 12A, 13B , and 20B motors
12A TURBO - Early Mazda 12A Turbo OEM engines
13BT S4/5 - Mazda Turbo II 13B motor as fitted to the 1986-1991 RX-7
13BT S6 - Mazda 13B Twin Turbo motor as fitted to the RX-7 1992- and the Cosmo
20B TURBO - Mazda 20B 3-rotor Twin-Turbo motor fitted to the JC Cosmo

Installation - A quick installation guide for the Haltech systems.
Injectors - Injector sizing guide

These tips are for use as a starting point on your road to perfecting your engine setup. The rotary engine is particularly fragile, and The HITman will not take responsibilty for any persons making the wrong decisions and damaging their engines. Tips are supplied so as to point you in the right direction, and not as a final setup for your particular engine.