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Owned by : Me
Updated : 26th August, 1999
This project is my long term effort at achieving what I consider to be the most affordable way at getting the most performance, handling , drivability, and looks that you can get in a street car. Yes , you can get newer cars such as the current generation RX-7 , but this car is much cheaper to build , and by the time I have finished , will outperform it in almost all aspects, except maybe the looks department. Aiming for eventually 800HP on the street but I think 650HP is more than enough , it is hoped to be one of the fastest street cars getting around. Not only straight-line , but point-to-point as well. Select the links below to see more details.

Engine.Turbocharger setup on the 3-rotor 13B.Exhaust system for 3-rotor 13B in my RX-7
Intercooler and alloy plumbing.Diff , Gearbox , Brakes , etc....RX7-Pics
Older pics with the 13B Turbo.RX7-Updates.RX7-Videos.

The RX-7 Diary
I am now keeping a log of all changes done to the car , so you can see how much work and time goes into doing a project like this.

22-06-99 : I have been experiencing a problem with fluctuating fuel pressure for the past month or so.  I pulled apart the Malpassi Fuel Pressure Regulator and found nothing wrong , put it back together , upped the pressure to 62psi static , and the car is running fine now after a few minor ECU changes to suit the pressure. Don't you hate these little gremlins...   :-)
23-06-99 : Had a small split inside one of the stainless braided water lines for the turbo.  I managed to get my big clumsy hands down to it and pull it off , repair and replace.     Went for a drive to test a few things out , but with wet spots on the road from the rain it was a bit dangerous to do any real testing.
24-06-99 : I will be doing some lambda probe testing on the engine tonight to fine tune the changes caused by the fuel pressure difference. It is running a little rich at the moment which at least will not do any harm.
1-7-99 : Finally have the new turbo that will unleash some of the power potential of this engine.
17-7-99 : Due to a split sump and loss of all the engine oil , the triple rotor seized a bearing onto the crankshaft.  The engine is now out   (Pics and story HERE ) , and repairs are being undertaken.
4-8-99 : The engine was stripped down today by Bill Nabhan at Mazsport.  A seized and spun front stationary-gear bearing is the culprit , with the rest of the engine looking like new. Lucky....
20-8-99 : I decided to get all the engine parts either pollished or chromed while it is apart. You name it , it is being cleaned up. It should be a couple of months , I guess , before it is all back in the car and running again.

Engine Designer
The engine originated from New Zealand and was designed by Jeff Bruce.  If you wish to purchase the parts required to build a similar project, in either 3 or 4 rotor , you can contact him by any of the following methods.

Email :
ICQ UIN: 15067117
Phone :   +64 09 415 3264
Fax :        +64 09 415 3265

Chassis 1982 Mazda RX-7 Series 2, Freedom Bodystyling kit, Honda NSX Yellow Pearl paint
Engine Custom made 3-rotor based on RX-5 13B components, Custom-made Crankshaft, 12A Centreplates with one modified to take a stationary gear, RX-5 end-plates and housings, 3mm Apex Seals. Custom parts made by Jeff Bruce.
Inlet Custom-made 6-runner lower section , machined injector mount spacer and fuel rail, Mazda 20B upper Inlet and Throttle Thanks George
Exhaust 3-into-1 Tubular Header , 3.5" mandrel bent exhaust system with hand-built mufflers
Turbo Garrett T76 compressor wheel in an A/R 0.72 cover, with Q-Trim turbine wheel in a 1.22 A/R housing.
Intercooler Custom made by Plazmaman,  hand-fabricated aluminium ducting and throttle adaptor. Custom alloy radiator supports.
Gearbox Toyota Supra Turbo 5-Speed , Custom "Jeff Bruce" Bellhousing Adaptor, 3" Thick-walled Tailshaft
Clutch 6-Puck Brass, Heavy Pressure Plate, Hydraulic Direct-Acting Bearing Caliper
Diff Borg Warner 3.45:1 LSD (ex-Holden Commodore VN)
Radiator Mazda RX-7 FC Series 5 13B Turbo
Oil Cooler  Mazda JC Cosmo 20B Turbo
Fuel System  Electronic Fuel Injection , 6x800cc Mazda 12A Turbo "Green" type injectors, Essex 7.0L/min high-pressure pump and filter, 62psi static fuel pressure, Fuel tank modified with sump pickup. Braided fuel lines with Aeroquip screw fittings.
Ignition Direct Fire , 13B Turbo Series 4 Crank Angle Sensor modified to take twin Hall Effect sensors with a 6-window chopper wheel for Main trigger with a single-window chopper for home trigger, 6xBosche HEC715 Coils , 6xBosche "008" ignitors, NGK B9EGV plugs, Magnecor Leads.
Computer Haltech custom setup: E6-S8 controlling fuel injection and Lead spark ignition timing.  IG5 controlling Trail spark timing.  Thanks to the Haltech guys for all the help
Brakes Front:10.5" Diameter 1" Thick custom discs with Volvo 4-Spot Calipers
Rear: 11" Commodore discs , single-spot calipers
Suspension Koni Adjustable Shocks, Pedders custom heavy and lower springs, Urethane bushes.
Wheels Neale's Wheels ( very soon to be replaced )
Interior Standard Interior. Momo steering wheel , Alpine CD and comprehensive stereo. VDO Boost gauge

So , you want to know what it goes like ?   It pulls incredibly hard from around 2700 rpm through to 6500rpm before the turbo becomes a big restrictor. In it's powerband , however, it is an absolute rocket ! With it's tall diff ratio ( tall for a rotary ) of 3.45:1, it really gets some speed up in each gear , yet still revs very fast. It makes the speed very deceptive and you can easily believe you are not going that quick. That is until you back off and realise you are doing well past 200km/h in no time. It will easily pass 300km/h no sweat.  In it's current state of tune , it should still be capable of low 11 second quarter mile times in the 125-135mph range, but please remember that this car was never intended to run the 1/4 mile. It does not get much in the way of traction in the lower gears , and as such it's times would be a lot slower than it is really capable of. So do not ask me what I think it will do on the 1/4 mile as I am not taking it down the track. Although it is slippery off the line, the upper gears are mind-blowing!  I need traction big-time now...


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