This is where you will find some of the ongoing projects I am working on at the moment.  As you can tell I am a bit of a rotary engine fanatic. This page is still under construction , so check back every now and again to see if I have gotten off of my bum and finished it.

4-Throttle EFI Setup on 13B

Experimental Quad-Throttle setup on 13B Bridgeport, using 36mm units from a BMW motorcycle, with custom stainless steel upper inlet section. Lower section is ex-13B Turbo Series 4.

   ...from the other side. system used standard Series 2 distributor and a Haltech F9 fuel management system. Basically it looks very nice but proved unsuccessful in practice. A loss of around 40KW to the wheels over the conventional 2x50mm IDA Weber style system.

Tacho Mods to suit 3-Rotor

When using the OEM tacho from the Series 2 RX-7 (1982) all that was needed to get the tacho to read correctly with the 3-rotor engine was to replace the white 10K-Ohm Variable Resistor on the tacho's circuit board , with one of a 20K-Ohm resistance. When the trim-pot is adjusted the tacho sensitivity varies and this let me set the tacho to read double what in normally would. This is due to the 3-rotor not running a waste-spark ignition. It only sends out half the pulses to the tacho that a normal 2-rotor would, so somehow I had to double the sensitivity.   Mission Accomplished !