Damaged Engine
Don't you hate it. Just when I am not looking at the gauges , the sump decides to split and loose all of its oil , and without any noise or warning the engine locks up seized about only 1km from home. It was a hell of a job removing the engine with the gearbox needing to be removed , but with the bellhousing bolts being hidden in the transmission tunnel and inaccessible , the engine needed to be tilted at around 30 degrees to give us room to undo them. The exhaust system downpipe was also near impossible to get spanners or sockets onto and took over an hour alone to remove. Then the sump was very hard to clear the steering arm. It is going to be very difficult to replace all the mess when the time comes.  Oh well ,such is the fun and games of owning a modified car.  I have to thank Daniel Orsini for helping out with the engine removal , and working here until well after midnight.

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Engine Bay 2.Engine Bay 4.Engine Bay 3
Engine 50.Engine 52.Engine 51