A . L . O . C . Australias Legion of Cyberpunkz

Red Line

Phrost Byte 0wnz you :)

Greets 2 all u guyz in aloc 4 hacking all that stuff in the last cupl of weeks, u no who u are!
while u guys hav been gettin in 2 .com.au, I have been getting in 2 lotz of .milz! this is our first .mil defacemnt and its just the begining! :) :) :)

no shout outz 2 unix bowling team, thay fuq pigz!

Red Line

Scooby Doo!

Red Line

If u r australian and interested in haking, anarqy and blowing shit up, cum join #aloc on austnet. We r a network of cyberpunkz in australia that that we produce the only all australian ezine that i gno ov that is still publishing.

mega shoutout 2 deicidal 4 those cc's.I hav made lotz of freee callz dood, tnx!
lotz of shoutout to phrostess 2 ;)
-Phrost Byte