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Red Line

ahh level7 what the FUCK are you stoners talkin about..you tell us not to diss people then you diss an entire fuckin nation "heh.. china blows.. and if i had the chance to bomb it again.. i would.. FUCKING CHINKS!@!$#!" keep this up and i'm gonna start likin you little mexican crackheads.

coming soon..


This website is a political satire and parody.

Political expression and freedom of speech are rights given to me under the UNITED NATIONS universal declaration of human rights.

On Jan 1 2000 the Australian Government will be limiting the freedom of speech of it's people through the adoption of internet censorship.

This website is hosted in the USA.

We were one of the first sites to leave Oz because of CENSORSHIP.

Last one out, turn off the lights!

r00t a box in .au and ALOC will shoutz to YOU

shouts to v00d00 - take it easy mate heh oh come back down here anytime man...like fuck, oh im gonna even give you a hug *HUGS*

Red Line

Greetings to:
Phrost Byte, trippytakka, Deicidal, src, and all of ALOC!.

There will be no shelter here!!
- rage against the machine

hehe yeah thats right. make room you little yanks. alot of aussies coming your way ;)

Red Line