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This web site is run by, and for the benefit of, members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It is sponsored by the (more or less ad hoc) LDS Members Internet Presence Society.

While it intends to support LDS Church members in a wide range of aspects of their religious and spiritual lives, it is neither officially endorsed nor sponsored by the LDS Church.

Please take a look at our vision, plans, and policy intentions.

Overview of the Contents of this Site

Learn Every Needful Thing
Book Reviews, Gospel Doctrine Class, Talks, Papers, Resources, Cultural Refinement
Meet Together Often
Interactive Chat Rooms, Bulletin Board Discussions, Email Groups, News of the Church, Links to Other LDS Sites, Finding Kindred Spirits
The Gospel in Action
Callings, Service
Bear One Another's Burdens
Guilty of Levity
Games, Humor, Jello Salad Recipes
Pearls of Considerable Price
Personal Stories, Poetry, 2 1/2 Minute Reads, etc. on LDS Themes
This Web Site
Goals and Policies, Editors' Choice Recommendations, How YOU Can Participate

Topics and Areas within this Site

Learn Every Needful Thing


Descriptions and reviews of LDS-related books, periodicals, theater, music.

Gospel Doctrine Class

A resource for teachers and students in Gospel Doctrine Sunday School classes. Organized by the sections of scripture covered in the study plan, this page holds lesson ideas and scriptural commentary that all can draw on in preparing for lessons.

From the Pulpit

Favorite talks members have given in worship services.


Articles on LDS doctrine, history, art, experience, etc.


TODO: Fill this in.

Cultural Refinement

TODO: Fill this in.

Meet Together Often

Chat Rooms

We intend to host live chat groups on topics that our visitors find compelling.

Bulletin Board Discussions

This site will host some long-term discussions and content development on topics of continuing interest. One suggested topic is the sesquicentenial of the entry of the Mormon pioneers into the Salt Lake Valley.
Building Zion
Demolishing Singles Wards.

Email Discussion Groups

A guide to public email list that discuss LDS-related topics.
Also contains links to summaries of discussions that have occurred on these lists.

News of the Church

News and happenings of both the world-wide and the local church. Also news coverage of the church in the public press.

Links to other LDS Sites

Reference material
Specialty sites
Sites of sites.

Finding Kindred Spirits

Locating other LDS members, by name or by interest.

The Gospel in Action

Gospel in Action

Stories and observations of putting the gospel of love and service into action. Experiences, blessings, challenges, and lessons of church callings; Techniques and experiences of charity.

Bear One Another's Burdens


An interactive housing referal service. List housing you have available, or search for housing in the desired subregion of your second estate.

Excessive Levity


TODO: Fill this in.


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Jello Salad Recipes (and other cultural icons)

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Pearls of Considerble Price

Stories, Testimonies, Musings, Poetry

Personal stories, poetry,2 1/2 minute reads, etc. on LDS themes.

This Site

About LDSMembers.org

Top-level guide to the workings of this site: goals, plans, policies; sponsors; history.

Editors' Choice Recommendations

TODO: Fill this in.

Put YOUR Shoulder to the Wheel

For this site to fulfill the measure of its creation, we will need lots of help.

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