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"...the fbi gotta stop fucking with us, this is getting crazy.. they are starting a war, that they cannot win..nor the army can help them with. no ammunition is needed for this war, its a war of skill nothing more........."
- vent

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To tell you the truth, we are not racist. It was a mistake to put that shit up on the usembassy-china.gov hack, we have friends in the group that are chinese, and shit... it was ment as a joke, and wasnt supposed to be used as the actual html doc... we had made another one with no racism.. .we being stupid, thought it would be funny to the chinese members in L7, but we mixed up the two docs, and didnt mean it to be the racist one, by the time we found out.. it was the wrong one, we had already closed the box up tight, so we couldnt log back in, through the exploit.

please accept this humble appology, we ment nothing racist by that hack, it was a mistake on our part, and we hope you will forgive us for it.

btw, old index can be found here...

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doods, for comments, questions, or just plain curse us out.. mail us at L7Crew@hotmail.com.

some shit we need to discuss:

what is this?... you become a new group... hacked 5 boxes, then start dissing other groups saying you own them, and thier pieces of shit?.. A.L.O.C what is this?.. your a new group and ur dissing groups that are much older, experianced, and hacked alot more then you.

Bl0w t34m has been around awhile, despite the hacker casing, thier still a pretty phat group. A.L.O.C, just because you hacked some no-name domains, dont gib u the right to start dissing groups, and other ppl.

Level Seven has not once, in several years dis'd another group, nor have they tormented another person in anyway.. that is in this thing we call a "hacker circle". A.L.O.C, stop dissing others, because it just makes you look stupid, and you loose respect that way....

enuf said.. eh?... shouts to the real respected groups & people... v00d00, Bl0w T34m.. Mozy.. ect.
     - vent

some stuff we wanted to add:

<vent> i was snorting riddalin, and got mad drunk
<Amaru-> u guys get wasted then come on irc?
<vent> heh.. yea..
<aforce> yup

Mad props go out to:
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