I didn't think this would happen again.

I just can't fucking beleive this "sgi-joe" character is back.

Whats with the disses? Is that like, your way of showing how big and tough you are?

What the fuck are you trying to say/prove/show?

A quote:

"k-lame: jsbach, v00d00, mozy, FL3M (speak english good you yez????)
bl0w team, HiP, b4sically, any0ne whoze life revolvez ar0und
seeing the1r n4me on

"b4sically, any0ne whoze life revolvez ar0und seeing the1r n4me on"

Come again? Are you saying that your "name" is not on attrition?

"un1x b0wl1ng t34m"

Um, I dont think I need glasses to see that your "group" is also mirrored on attrition...And it DOES NOT happen BY ACCIDENT.

You just dont make sense. If you diss those people who are mirrored, then why are you also getting your shit mirrored? I just cant understand this.

b4sically, you need to shut the fuck up and get a life.

Just stop it. Its enough. I dont know who the "b0wlers" are, but Im guessing "they" are your alter ego's.

Hey, pretending to have friends is just as bad as dissing someone for no reason. Throwing shit at someone out of the blue is not smart.

Enough talk.

Just one last thing. Are you saying that everyone who had or has "the1r n4me on" is doing it just for attrition? Are you saying thats the only reason people deface?

Man, you started this shit for no reason. And you still have no reason. Why are you talking shit? It doesnt, and wont, get you anywhere.






Admin: Sorry to cause you trouble. Wont happen again.

Shout: Freejack/HiP, bl0w team (keep up the good work, your standing up for a good cause), ** and I think its Eternal, I didnt catch your name, sorry.