h1 you eleeeeeeeeet "cyberpunks".
seems that ALOC is doing lame shit.
oh 0h. you got owned b33atches.
I know, and you know you have no fucking skill.
oh.. hell no. just more fucking kiddies mass scanning and 'hacking' into stupid shit.
hah. u bunch of hax0rs!#!@

your just morons, that want to look cool, aaaackkkkkk.. fuck off.

fuck: all you lil nerdy script kiddies, like sgi-joe (this moron got owned already), every lame ass from ALOC, un1x b0wl1ng t34m, and other stupid ppl who like to say stupid shit.
you should stop being so fucking lame and get a life. admin: reinstall the shit. brain recommended.

and oh yeah, maybe you were thinking that we fear you so we wouldnt mention our names, right?
now you know. bl0w here.

greets to our friend v00d00, every1 from uneek tech, NYS, and everyone defacing for good reasons.