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It is quite amazing, if you look at attrition, how many boxes are broken into and the http defaced. At how many boxes have proven to be insecure, even sites of major companies, etc. The Government/Military has proven to be insecure... Almost every country has been proven insecure. Every operating system and server has been proven faulty.

It makes you wonder where all of these security professionals are. People are to lazy/cheap to hire them. I mean if your a hosting site, you need to deliver the best service to your clients, as in not having them come online one day and see 'graffiti' tagged thier by a member of the underground society.

Even more, hackers get blamed for damage that is hardly fair. I mean we always back files up and never delete, sure, the company could lose business because it's main page is not available. But, is that really our fault, the admin should fix the error/problem in under an hour, which is usually the case.

The only purpose to this 'hack' was to state exactly what I just stated, that admins don't care enough about thier box to secure it or hire someone to secure it. I recommend you go to Security Focus and read up on security and how to avoid these kind of problems.

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