Uneek Technologies, we are a new group, but, our members are not new to the scene. We will not be anonymous, but our members names will not yet be revealed at this time. We will also not just be another kiddies group doing just defacements all day long, yes we will do some, but, we are also hoping to be coming out with some security related programs in the near future. Well thats about it for now. -Uneek Technologies-

Free Kevin? Maybe.

Kevin Mitnick's four and half year ordeal is getting closer to the end. Having already spent more time behind bars than most people convicted of burglary or manslaughter, Kevin may possibly be released to a halfway house by January. U.S. District Court Judge Marianna Pfaelzer sentenced Kevin to 46 months in prison and ordered him to pay $4125 in restitution. This sentence comes after numerous delays and a guilty plea by Kevin for seven felonies. Today's sentence comes just one day after the LA District Attorney decided to drop the state charges against Kevin.

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