The security of this site*, or serious lack thereof, has been compromised by:
Some recent news and issues:
  • August 9, 1999 is just around the corner. This is when Kevin Mitnick is due to be sentenced to an expected 46 months on top of the 22 months he already recieved. Is that fair? Is that justice? After that date we will see what you all are standing on.
  • And the script from the upcoming Miramax™ movie "Takedown" has been "prematurely secured and made publicly available" and is filled with so many glorious lies and gross exxagerations that it makes us reel. More falsehoods on top of obvious mud? Is this to make the "hacker" community seem like "some evil entity"? We believe so.

And v00d00 is right. Why all of these senseless defacements? The attention is a bullshit motive and if that is your main incentive for defacing then you should be ashamed of yourself. (However trite or motherly it may sound.)When we see sites, especially heavy traffic or high profile sites, that have been defaced and have no valid message aside from the ever-mundane "You have been hacked", etc. it makes us want to throw in the towel. And so we are.
Right now we have root on a little better than 30 servers and will still continue to dig for more. If anyone wants easy access just say so. But until we can come up with a better game plan we are dropping out. The worst part about it might just be that there are no real issues that need to be addressed anyway. Society is apathetic and numb and we should all be a lot better off if we turned off these computers and went and sat on the damned couch and ate Frito's™ shaped like cartoon characters and sipped on whatever cola had the coolest advertisements and watched any show on the Fox™ network (Simpson's aside.)and never had an original thought ever.
Let us know if we can be of service. We are not afraid.
Continued cheers with pint-glasses raised high to:

v00d00, FL3M, HFD, pulsewidth, keebler elves, b10w team, team sl01t, mozy, forpaxe, gH, dr_fdisk^, level seven, Devil-C, HiP, xoloth1, and, of course, Attrition, and all the rest who are doing positive damage. (We also want to dedicate this defacement to our new girl Monisha. We love you, baby.)

(And fuck it if we never full-on met or talked. These limited greets are merely a considerate nod to people/groups we feel are not just all balls and no cock.) We are on no one's dick. Nor will we ever be.

(And maybe AntiChrist should pick things up a bit. Who knows? We do agree on one thing: All of those fucking defacements and for what? )

* Again, this site was entered and altered easily enough with Micro$oft Front Page. For the elite out there, it is our hope that you understand that we are attempting something noble and admit fully these recent defacements to be primer level at best.  We are not trying to steal anyone's thunder. We are not trying to be something we are not. We sit with fingers crossed eternally that some form of organization would develop and all groups and crews and individuals would band together to defeat a greater evil. Together we can be unstoppable. Together we can be uncatchable. Together we can demand an audience. Say the word and we will be the first ones to come out fighting. -N.Y.S

Free Kevin. Packet Storm is not dead.

Also, as per usual, there was no damage done to this site. The old index is intact and renamed (defaultold.htm)and can easily be found HERE. (Don't be mad and act like your whole site is ruined. Hell, we will fix it for you for free if you want.)