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Ok we FL3M saw something today that was kinda off the wall...

SOMEONE posted something on a 'hack' that refered to us...

The hack kinda dissed keebler elves, thats what we arent happy about!

On all of our hacks NOT ONE has ever dissed another group we have never did that!

We are here to say that we FL3M did not 'hack' that site and we in no way would dis another group!

Yes the e-mail we got was true and we dont hate keebler for being honest, its there opinion and we cant do shit about it, we respect keebler for that to...

Keebler you helped talk some since into our minds and we acctually love you for it...

But please keebler get one thing in your heads, we did NOT deface that site, we have no clue who did it and we WILL find out

If you no anything about who did it please email us here!

We apologize Keebler for the stupidity of another --=[ FL3M ]=--



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--=[ FL3M ]=--