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Helo Baby's!!!

Whats UP?

Yeh yeh its me the HYPER one from FL3M! =)

Heh when i go out i try my best...

20 some sites should be enuff i think

Guess what...

i think that when people diss someone or call them lame its not nice! heh

Something people need to learn is that yu didnt grow up on a unix box u all had to learn the structure...

So next ime u diss someone cuz what box they use u are being mean =) its not good, be more supportive, send them the linux cd of an os, make them feel good always be nice!

What im trying to say is that WE all were a newbie sometime, i am still a newbie, just because i can deface a webpage dont make me a n3370 l3370 h4X0r m4n, i(we) do it for fun, and we learn while we are doin it till next time... --=[ FL3M ]=--



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