hey kiddies.
(No graphics this time.. explained later)

Okay, well. This may not seem like it has any real reason, but I thought that it should be said. We came into the hacking scene hacking a lot of NT, some were IIS, some were Cold Fusion, some were private exploits. Yes, IIS might be considered lame, and yes, Cold Fusion is considered lame, but think of why? Because it's over used. Yeah, we defaced a lot of Cold Fusion/IIS boxes. We do hack *nix, believe me.

Okay, now for the real reason. For one, this page started with a big Font at the top with a simple topic (that's keebler style). Secondly, no graphics, (That's for bl0w). Umm, HFD, look at the title (we didn't wanna copy you, so we setup our own version). One for The Posse, even though you're gone.. Hey Mr. Tsutomishu.. you gonna eat that hoagie?? Hmm, that's all I can remember. This is like our, 'Other Groups Rule' page. I'm just gonna praise other people for helping us and greeting us.

AntiChrist - You shouted us.
spl0it     - You guys just rule, you've always had a good reason to your hacks.
HiP	   - You guys have mad skill, and you greet us, and we wanna talk to you.
keebler    - You guys don't greet us, but you're cool, and hit some cool shit.
N.Y.S      - Never got to talk to you people. But oyu're cool.
PulseWidth - What you did to the Colorado site wasn't cool, but you have nice hacks and are really cool.
HFD        - You've only ever greeted one person. Mozy. But you hack big shit. You guys rock.
bl0w team  - You guys hit some cool shit, and I know some of you. Good luck in the future.
th3        - I haven't talked with you guys, but would like to. You greet us, and we are cool with you.
DarkMan    - You greeted KL3M, and if you meant us; cool. But if you actually meant KL3M, then that's 
	     gay, because it's not original.
Zyk / p0x  - Zyklon was cool. lyp0x is, but he's pissed at us. Sorry for what we did. oh yeah, and the
	     the FBI better not blame Zyklon for this. 

I think that's it for the people, Mozy is cool, v00d00 is cool. Life's sweet... bye for good. Not from FL3M, from me.. I'll probably be gone for a while... but don't worry kids, never say never.

keebler / N.Y.S / HiP / bl0w team
Jock Jams 4 (It's a CD) deserves some recognition, it rules.

/* FL3M in the housing! */

One Last Thing...