"Greetings to Bennu and GHS"
Mr. Phoenix

You have been owned by the Stonehenge Crew, specifically by Slack Packet. If you don't know how to keep your machine secure, you don't deserve to keep it period. Feed your elf. I'm back.

Original Site

Keebler Elves - Coolest new creation.
Global Hell/gH - You guys still cool.
Natalie Portman - Unf unf. What a fucking hottie!
Xoloth1 - Yo!
Meestervervalser - Hey, homey.
ne0h - Sup sup sup, yo?
MrPhoenix & rest of Greek Hackers - Geia sou!
Rest of Stonehenge - Love you guys.
IC XC - Kirie Elaisson!
Greeks & Cretans - The best.

Turks - Sick barbarians.
Clinton - Shoot yourself.
Feds/SS/CIA/etc - Give it up.
KKK, Black Panthers, Nazi - You're next.