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The Air Warfare Center and Nellis Air Force Base

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wngwalk.jpg (43058 bytes)Nellis AFB is located eight miles from  Las Vegas, Nevada and is not only the home of the Air Warfare Center but also of the United States Air Force Air Demonstration Squadron - the Thunderbirds.

The Air Warfare Center manages advanced aircrew training and conducts most of the Air Force’s fighter/bomber operational test and evaluation requirements.  The center also manages and is the primary user of the Nellis Air Force Range Complex, the largest range in the United States.

Operating under the Air Warfare Center are the 57th Wing and 99th Air Base Wing at Nellis AFB and the 53d Wing at Eglin AFB, Fl.  Read the welcome message from the Air Warfare Center Commander.

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Thunderbirds return to flight training, prepare to resume 1999 season

NELLIS AIR FORCE BASE, Nev. (ACCNS) - The Air Force Thunderbirds began flight training this week in preparation for resuming their 1999 aerial demonstration schedule.

It is still unclear how long the Thunderbirds will train before they return to their demonstration show schedule; however, the team has canceled demonstrations through May 29.

Red Horse Squadron deploys to Albania

WASHINGTON (AFPN) -- Secretary of Defense William S. Cohen ordered three Air Force Red Horse engineer teams to Albania June 8 to perform critical road and bridge repairs in Albania. These repairs will allow the movement of refugees from border areas to refugee camps further inside Albania.

The 820th Red Horse Squadron, Nellis Air Force Base, Nev., will deploy a Red Horse "One" team and two Red Horse "Two" teams to Albania. These Red Horse teams will join other allied engineer units already in theater in executing these critical repairs.  Read article

Read the Nellis "Bullseye" - the official newspaper of Nellis Air Force Base

Thunderbirds Information

Thunderbird pages at Nellis AFB

Visit the Thunderbirds homepages at Nellis Air Force Base and download some great Thunderbird graphic!  Click on the Thunderbird patch !


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This site is presented by the United States Air Force and is not part of the Nellis AFB website. The site includes a Thunderbirds screen save (approx.  11 MByte download).   If you have technical problems please contact their webmaster.  Click on the banner above to enter site.

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News briefs courtesy Air Force Online News  21 July 99 new.gif (147 bytes)

House committee cuts Raptor dollars, focuses on airmen -- As Congress recommends slicing funds from the F-22 Raptor program, the Air Force is standing fast on its view that obtaining the next-generation air superiority fighter remains a necessity.

Reconstitution efforts won't impact readiness -- The service's senior military leader is emphasizing a break for weary troops but insists the Air Force is still ready to fight today if needed.

Medical Service launches TRICARE information campaign -- The Air Force Medical Service is making sure Air Force leaders are better informed about TRICARE, the health care plan for the uniformed services. 

Cohen, Shelton Rap Times' Editorial on Anthrax Shots -- Halting mandatory anthrax shots would represent a "significant disservice" to men and women in uniform, Defense Secretary William Cohen and Gen. Henry Shelton said in a written rebuttal to the Army Times Publishing Co.

Air Force helps search for JFK, Jr. -- When search and rescue efforts for a potential downed aircraft with John F. Kennedy, Jr., his wife and his sister-in-law on board commenced, the Air Force swiftly moved into action.

SECAF confirmation hearing today -- Acting Secretary of the Air Force F. Whitten Peters is scheduled to testify today before members of the Senate Armed Services Committee during his confirmation hearing as President Clinton's nominee for secretary of the Air Force. Mr. Peters has served as the under secretary and acting secretary of the Air Force since November 1997. He was nominated as secretary of the Air Force June 17.

AF cyclists pedal across Iowa -- Although there are no Air Force bases in Iowa, the service will be well represented by 120 cycling enthusiasts participating in a 7-day bicycle ride across the state beginning Sunday. The annual 530-mile ride, known as The Register's Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa, attracts close to 20,000 riders. Most of the Air Force participants have logged more than 1,000 miles training for the event which involves rolling countryside and heat indices of nearly 125 degrees.

New EQUAL list due Aug. 9 -- The newest Enlisted Quarterly Assignment Listing of available enlisted assignments overseas will be available at military personnel flights and on the Air Force Personnel Center's World Wide Web home page Aug. 9.

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