Another useless hack, oh well, this is just to show Im NOT dead...not that anyone really cares...heh, oh well.


To that hotty Britney Spears, dumb bitch, I told you to shut up and pose nekkid! See what you did? You broke a flunking leg! Yeesh, next time its gonna be your back...if you catch my drift...



(= HiP =)

Freejack/HiP! Gotta talk! You got IRC/ICQ? Need to contact!


HFD (Drink beer damnit!), HFB (Britney 0wnz!!), v00d00, UGCiA, HiP, N.Y.S, lyp0x, fsck, syxx, DA^BOMB, bl0w, keebler elves, Xoloth1, Devil-C, Attrition, and PS911-(You Crazy Italian :)

Oh yeah, and everyone else I forgot!

-by m0zy