- Apology from FL3M Crew -

We Have Noticed that 0ur hacks have been pretty pointless up to now. We are sorry they have contained no real message. From now on, 90% of upc0ming defacements will all have reas0n in thier c0ntent. This was not pointless, just to state our simple mistake.... TO the admin[s], we are sorry for this inconvienience, this will not happen to your website again, we have covered your holes, no harm done, all files backed up. We only hope you do not all hate us, for we did not mean to upset anyone, we are not here to prove or say we are so great or any krap like that, we are just here to have a word and express. Well thats about all, Have a nice day.

Thatz all f0lkz !$


' Keebler Elves ' N.Y.S ' HiP ' Bl0w Team '